The Story of RiverBank Lodge

A Unique Midwestern Hotel Located in Petersburg, Illinois

In October of 2003, four local investors came together to form RiverBank Lodge LLC, for the purpose of transforming the old First National Bank building in Petersburg, IL into a modern hotel. After planning and business development, the property was purchased in 2005 and opened for business in the Spring of 2006.

It’s hard to believe the structure was originally designed to be a bank; the design and architecture are perfectly suited for a lodging facility. While the exterior is largely unchanged, the interior renovations were dramatic. Nevertheless, you can still see hints of its past. Looking closely at the hotel’s front desk, you will notice it was repurposed from a pair of teller stations. Also, Room 110 was the original large bank vault – accounting for it’s tremendous size and impressive sound isolation. We sold the original vault door and replaced it with a ‘regular’ yet still secure door.

What’s in a name? Many think “RiverBank Lodge” is a reference to its location on the western bank of the Sangamon River. True enough, but the name is also an intentional play on words to honor its unique history as a banking institution.

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