Local Attractions

Menard County Tourism Council Office

The Menard County Tourism Council promotes all the tourist activities throughout Menard County. They have a variety of brochures and pamphlets available to help tourists plan their visits. Our guests find it convenient to have the Menard County Tourism Council Visitor Information Center right in the lobby of the RiverBank Lodge! The MCTC website is found at: www.visitmenardcounty.com

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Outdoor Activities

RiverBank Lodge is an excellent location for accessing a wide range of nearby nature-based activities.

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Historical Attractions

Abraham Lincoln is a large part of our rich heritage! We have much to offer the history enthusiast.

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Winery Tours

Enjoy a trip to our local wineries.

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There are several golf courses that are just a short drive away.  They are a good value for anyone who wants to “hit the links”.

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Hunting and Fishing

Residents and visitors to the Menard County enjoy a deep and rich hunting culture. Deer, Turkey, Dove, Pheasant, Quail and small game are the most common, but even Coyote and Chukar hunts occur in the area as well.

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Visit the Menard County Community Calendar to find upcoming events in the area!